DeepOnion Low Quality Post Explained

If you are an airdrop participants, make sure to read their explanation about Low Quality Post, You might ask yourself why this rules are there in the first place? Low Quality posting always results to spamming and remember your are carrying the signature of deeponion and you representing the whole deeponion community on your bitcointalk account. Once your wear any signature on your BCT account, it carries a responsibility that we must obey all the forum rules and only provides quality advertising for the signature we are wearing.

If you are spamming and only posting non-sense in the forum, you are giving a bad image to the signature your wearing. and it doesn’t help with the marketing and advertising  of deeponion. Spend time with your post, there are many discussion that we can participate and you dont need to resort in posting in the off topic section to qualify for the 10 post requirements given by deeponion.

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